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Posted on April 17 2018

Travel is on my mind this month and it is truly where I look for inspiration.  I was lucky to go to Amsterdam for a birthday celebration and you know what’s coming next.  While winter still had its grasp on the East Coast -- I was surrounded by the tulips and the colors and contrast of the streets of this amazing Dutch City..

Tulips blooming Everywhere!! Canals and cafes, gabled buildings, the patterns in the tile and stained glass, the somber reality of Anne Frank  -- a look at the life of the tortured artist Van Gogh –yes this is a city of art and history. 

I walked away from the windmills and picturesque scenes thinking about interpreting the infectious joy of Amsterdam into designs that would bring that same beauty to its wearer!

A biking populace ringing bells with bread in their baskets, the red roofs and white buildings, it’s easy to feel the painter’s palette at work. 

For me its shapes as well as color that start to take hold and I can’t wait for a possible Amsterdam Collection!!