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Beach Luxe

Posted on June 17 2021

The soothing sound of the waves. A warm breeze ruffling your hair. Gold gleaming against sun-kissed skin. There’s nothing more restorative than a beach vacation in the summer, when all of your senses come alive. After a year spent inside, we’re craving the beach even more this year. We’re all ready for long luxurious days filled with nature, sun and the sea. And this summer seems particularly festive too, with the promise of sunny days to come.

Beach days are about relaxing, of course. But this year, they are also about celebration. So beach luxe style needs to embrace both casual sun-soaked days and sparkling balmy nights. What takes a maillot or a little white dress to the next level are the accessories that add your own unique personality: a wide-brimmed hat, a chic straw bag, your favorite sunnies and, of course, your signature jewelry.

In warmer weather, wrists, ankles and toes are suddenly unsheathed, necklines plunge or fall off the shoulders completely, and we are presented with new spots where we can add a little extra sparkle.

From the hours at the beach or pool, and of course, dinners, garden parties, cocktails and beyond, you're going to need some options. Of course, we always pack our jewelry first! Here, the jewelry essentials to pack for your trip.

Yellow gold is the metal of the season, with its warm glow lighting up your skin with luster. Celebrate the sea with gemstones that reflect its ever-changing hues and dazzling sparkle of the sun on the waves.

Our first essential is a great pair of diamond studs. We wear them to the beach or yoga class or out to dinner. We prefer our studs with an interesting pattern and plenty of sparkle. The Deco X Diamond Earrings have the strong silhouette and geometric flair of Art Deco. The Hexagon Diamond Stud Earrings get into the nuts and bolts of the hardware inspired trend. For more shine than sparkle, the Diamond Double Bar Stud and Diamond X Stud, sold as singles so you can curate your ear, give you gleaming geometry accented by diamonds.

Our second essential is a bracelet: perfect for bare arms on a warm evening. The Dangle Drop Bangle and the Ocean Blue Sapphire Wave Bangle are an inspired sea-worthy choices.  We also love the deceptively casual Flapper Diamond Wrap Bracelet, with its barely-there line of shining gold and sophisticated baguette diamond.

The final essential is a versatile necklace. The Mini Flapper Tassel Necklace ties like a ribbon so you can wear it long, doubled or even tripled. It will add polish to even a simple caftan or dress up your beach cover up for dinner. You can also cascade it down your back. It’s the perfect beach luxe necklace because it feels easy and relaxed, like you just threw it on, even as it makes you look effortlessly glamorous.

If you want to add one more necklace, try a choker or collar, like the Dangle Drop Collar, with dangling drops of sparkle calling attention to the hollow of your throat. It’s especially stunning with a strapless dress.

Now that we have our jewelry box sorted, the rest of the packing is easy.  Throw in a classic swimsuit in a bright jewel tone that can double as a bodysuit like the Les Essentiels Aquarelle swimsuit by Eres. A few sundresses. A sun hat like this wide-brimmed classic from Cuyana. A floaty top with embroidery. Something elegant in white linen, like an off-the shoulder dress. Shorts, jeans and t-shirts. A tailored white shirt. A cute pair of slides that are as easy to wear as flip flops but much more fashionable.

That’s all you need to highlight your summer glow. And all these pieces are classics you can turn again to when you’re ready to jump on a plane to someplace warm this winter too.