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Bold Bangles

Posted on October 02 2017

I have a friend who calls the stacked bangles on her arm her wonder woman bracelets.  She tells the story that every time she accomplished something at work or just met a milestone in her life she would buy herself another gold bangle. They vary in design -- I think she has 8 stacked -- and she never takes them off.

Bangles are a powerful accessory. Whether you are stacking multiple metals or motifs or wearing a cuff -- the bangle creates a dramatic look.

One of the features that I incorporate into my designs is the need for ease! You shouldn’t have to fight to get bangles on and off. My wonder woman friend has all but stopped trying to get through security without hearing “female assist” --because she’d never make her plane if she tried to remove them all!

I love a good hinge. The design secret is to make that hinge disappear into the bangle and open and close smoothly! When I design a bangle I always like to integrate the hinge into the design. Bangles and cuffs can also be made flexible so they will stay put, but with just twist – you are able to pop them off.

Rushing out the door? Bangles, cuffs, bracelets can make you a quick-change artist. Grab one or two and you have finished off your look with minimum fuss!

For me the best part of designing, creating, and wearing bangles and cuffs is that they can be worn with just about anything. No matter if they have diamonds or sapphires or incorporate a design  –just like a watch -- there is always a place for bangles in your jewelry wardrobe… And as my wonder woman friend likes to say you can never have enough!