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Celebrate with Flowers…

Posted on March 20 2018


They are coming for you!  Yes, its time for those Spring gardening catalogues that have no idea whether you live on a gazillion acre estate or your idea of a garden is the pot on your windowsill… But when I start leafing thorough (oops sorry for the pun) the beautiful photography I just want to plant nature’s bounty in all its glory! I love flowers, but I don’t have enough space to accommodate all the pages I fold back for my fantasy landscaping.

But there is one place where I can design a garden that never has to be watered and will get plenty of compliments. Creating jewelry that celebrates the beauty of nature and the joy that flowers give -- does the trick.

A little bit feminine always graceful, flowers rendered in gold and diamonds etc. are quite a pick me up --and a joy to behold. Guaranteed not to be a ’forget me not.”

(Couldn’t resist!)

With anniversaries, weddings, births, graduations, blooming in the spring - finding the right flowers to pick to honor loved ones or yourself isn’t hard to do. I highly recommend a timeless floral arrangement that lasts and lasts!  A pin or cuff, earrings, or a ring of petals -- go ahead start your own garden or someone else’s this Spring –no watering necessary!