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Designing Dreams

Posted on November 11 2017

How often have you heard the expression “it came to me in a dream?”  Even if you’re not quite sure that’s how it happened it’s fun to think the muse visited you while you slept!

But I have to confess, put me in a bed with great sheets, tons of pillows - and when I finally shut my eyes - some of my best work takes place! And then there’s that dreaming while you are awake…

Stuck in traffic (passenger of course!) on a rainy day, the whoosh of cars and people become a blur and you start to focus on just those drops of water beading up on the windshield or window… Each drop of water is so defined before it really starts to pour.  It’s that gentle shape and fluid form that brought me to my latest collection.

Did I dream it?  They say that water is often a reoccurring element in your dreams, but no matter what -- the reflective properties of water and its movement captured my creative consciousness!  I envisioned dangling drops from ears or pooled together in stackable rings, or just a mere hint of a droplet on a hoop or a choker.

Using sapphires to stand in for the many colors of water and diamonds for sparkle (think the sun reflecting off of the sea) - the simple styles make for effortless style.

My “Drop collection” is truly a dream come true...I guess I can admit I can’t wait to get back to bed!