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Graduations: What to Gift, What to Wear, and How to Celebrate!

Posted on May 16 2018


Maria Canale hugs her son Ari Tessitore and her Fiona Tessitore, at the school's graduation ceremony

Wow does time fly. Nothing brings that cliché home faster than sitting at your children’s’ graduations whether it be high school and/or college. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was packing lunches and putting school art on the fridge?

How to truly honor these incredible milestones. The hours of homework, the grind of getting papers in and finals finished. 

Before the festivities it’s THE gift. Of course, I’m going to say jewelry is the perfect graduation gift, but it’s true. I still have and wear the beautiful bangle bracelet that was given to me. Let this be the beginning of your graduate’s collection. Stackable bangles never go out of style, like our timeless Sapphire Half-Way Wave Bangle.

Or maybe it’s the perfect hoop earrings. As they head into this new chapter it’s the perfect time to give them something that is not only memorable, but that they can wear forever! I love the Oval Silhouette Diamond Wire Hoops since they are light, and comfortable enough for every day wear. 

And then there is the question of what to wear to a graduation! Many names will be called, honors received and even the smallest class graduation takes time. Being comfortable is key. I plan to wear my favorite shift dress from Carolina Herrera -- and of course it's "Badger Red" --perfect for graduation in at the Univ. of Wisconsin ‘s Camp Randall Stadium!! I'll keep my jewelry simple, maybe multiple strands like the Flapper Long Station Necklace to add some interest to a relatively straightforward dress.

Maria Canale's 2018 Graduation Gifts Guide & Jewelry, Diamond Hoop Earrings, Wave Sapphire Bangle, Flapper 18K Gold Necklace

My graduation travel takes me this year to LA, Madison, Wisconsin, and I have one in NYC. If you happen to be doing the same I thought I’d share some of my go to fav food spots, as well as not to be missed museums. Shopping always seems to be a bit of a squeeze, but just in case you have some extra time I added a few on the list below!

For Graduations in Madison, WI…

Dotty's Dumplings Dowry - A Madison tradition, this eatery has delicious Wagyu burgers!!
The Farmer's Market - Every Saturday morning around the Capital
Marigold Kitchen - The best breakfast in Madison!!
Of course, Wisconsin the land of cheese and the BEST ice cream!!!

For Graduations in Los Angeles, CA…

Shutters - My favorite Hotel and Restaurant in LA!
The Getty Museum - A beautiful and scenic way to spend the afternoon.
Dinner at the Sunset Tower - An iconic West Hollywood landmark!
The Montage Hotel – My favorite place for rooftop lunch, and for a dip in the pool.
Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills - Be sure to take a look at our exclusive Drop Collection!

For Graduations in NYC, I have too many favorites to mention! Here are a few I love…

The Whitby Hotel - The restaurant is the perfect spot for graduation lunch/brunch. Feels like sitting in a garden but only steps away from Tiffany and Harry Winston!!
Vaucluse - A wonderful graduation dinner. It’s like Park Ave in the 60's - elegant, quiet a great place to celebrate a milestone!!

Maria Canale's Guide LA, Wisconsin, Farmer's Market, Neiman Marcus, Whitby Hotel