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Holiday Countdown

Posted on November 28 2017

Does saying “holiday countdown” make you anxious?  Well, of course I know the best and most appreciated present anybody can give or receive! I know it and you know it!  Why would anyone think anything less even comes close?  Ok, I know I’m just a bit biased, but seriously, opening a box that’s not too big, could be flat, or square, or maybe small – when you realize it is most likely a jewelry box -- your heart races just a bit more…

Since I can remember, even as a child, putting on a little necklace with a locket from my parents, or a charm bracelet, made me feel so very special.

Well, nothing has changed, and when asked just about everyone before writing this -- they swore they weren’t telling me this because of my profession, but honestly had to admit that getting jewelry was just the best!

Okay, sometimes it might not be quite your taste, but I love the idea of a gift giver taking the time to pick something they loved and they hoped you would too – it’s so personal and sweet!

So, whether you are looking for something special for someone young, a tad older, or even yourself, jewelry takes the stress out of the holiday frenzy and is guaranteed to put those who give and those that receive into the spirit of the season!