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Hoop Dreams

Posted on October 02 2017


No I’m not talking about my fantasy of playing on an NBA team, I’m talking about something that for some raises almost as great a challenge!  Wearing hoop earrings! Do you have to have a long neck, a round face, does your hair have to be pulled back, so they don’t get tangled up, if you wear your hair down do they get lost? Collars or collarless? If they have diamonds –too fancy for tee shirts or with diamonds are they fancy enough when you have to get dressed up?

Ok I may not have all the answers, but the right design will make you feel like a star player with any team!

When I designed my hoops I moved away from the big round silhouette and streamlined the hoop shape into a gentle pear shape,--which I found flattered a woman's face and was easier to wear.  So many to choose from... a single "Drop" or "Wave" of sapphire or diamonds, or a hoop sparkling with yellow and white diamonds. When it comes to diamonds I love to play with the sizes -- larger and smaller side by side so they pop off your ears...

Figuring out what works with jeans or an LBD - I find that the trick is layering.  Wear a subtle hoop and you can wear multiple necklaces. – turtleneck sweater, or a plunging neckline! Go for a full diamond hoop and maybe just a minimalist choker –--that works too.  You are your own stylists and feeling comfortable and confident are the best accessories to whatever you are wearing.

Hoops are just plain ( or fancy) fun! Treat yourself to a pair or put them on your gift list. Make your hoop dreams come true and I know they’ll add a bit of bounce to your step…Ok maybe not enough to dunk a basketball, but you’ll definitely get a lift!