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June Brides

Posted on June 13 2018

Weddings have been on quite a few minds these days.  Whether you were captivated by Harry and Meghan, or you are planning your summer and have many weddings to attend  --or maybe you are going to be a bride! June is and always will be - a very popular time to get married!

So lets talk about wedding jewelry!! Jewelry for the bride becomes more than an accessory.   As a gift before the wedding it takes on a special meaning that is a reminder of all that the day will hold -- and if its borrowed from a relative or friend  --it is a generous act of love.

But whether you’re going to keep it simple or going for a much more formal feel, jewelry will play a part in how you pull your look together. 

Rings of course take center stage even before you pick a date. The engagement ring often sets the tone of how a couple approaches their wedding style and from there selecting a wedding band that works for you both is part of making your plans a reality.

My signature diamond engagement ring is so popular it will always be part of my collections.  I call it the Halo as it is a beautiful round stone surrounded by more diamonds.  It looks good on everyone!

From there it’s all about the neckline on what you will add.  A simple drop necklace or maybe no necklace depending whether you have bare shoulders or a high collar.

Sometimes it’s just the perfect earring that might work. Before there was Megan and Kate I had designed the “Princess” earring.  It packs a sparkle in a quiet design.  Just the right amount of shine to light up any Bride!  

Meghan wore a diamond bracelet that was beautiful –dressing up her simple gown.  I think a diamond bracelet no matter how ornate or subtle your gown – completes the look.

The beauty of wedding jewelry is there are no rules.  It’s all about feeling fantastic on your big day. For every bride her jewelry is just added sparkle to a day where your joy is what really makes you shine!