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Layers of Light

Posted on December 19 2017

Draping is an art, whether you are putting a blanket or a throw across a couch, designing a dress, or pulling a curtain back. The same goes for jewelry.  The layering of necklaces is a look that is always fashionable and this season it’s ever “present” (sorry, couldn’t resist!)  The trick is to mix and match with a light touch.  Even when you work with heavier pieces, you don’t want to drag yourself down with too many gradations.

Right now, I love the floating feel of multiple delicate chains with gems sprinkled along the strands of gold.  It’s a subtle way to add glamour whether you are wearing a jean shirt or a crisp white blouse. 

Experiment with how many strands you want to layer.  You can make the look very much your own.  Some necklaces are long, without a clasp, and just slip right over your head, but I love it when they do have a clasp so you're not limited and can wrap them around your neck in your own special way.  I like clasps that allow you to add length or shorten the necklace depending on your neckline or mood.

Layers of light can have a big impact.  Don’t shy away from delicate chains you may have sitting in your drawer.  Together they create a strong look. Add a new piece to what you have and you’ll feel like you’ve just upped your jewelry game! It’s like adding a new pillow to a couch, or making a slight change in a room decor, and suddenly everything looks fresh and new.

Draping, layering, wrapping, arranging – no matter what you call it – jewelry and necklaces in particular is an effortless way to shine this season…