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Sentimental Journey

Posted on December 05 2017


It’s something that you were given by your parents, or a favorite aunt, or maybe you bought one for your girlfriend and she bought one for you – the very same bracelet, but no matter who, what, why, or when we all have at least one piece of jewelry that we wear for very sentimental reasons.  I think that’s why jewelry remains one of the most personal and cherished gifts to give and to receive.

Sure, the beautiful bag or the scrumptious cashmere sweater, silky bathrobes and, well, you know where I am going – are all absolutely divine presents, but, sentimental?  I don’t think so.  You will always remember who gave you those special earrings or the necklace that you seem to wear with everything.

There is simply nothing else that compares.  From the new piece that was a special gift last year, to something that might have belonged to your grandmother, jewelry comes with a story.  It might just be that night when you opened the box that you’ll never forget, or maybe it’s a story of how your mother came to own it, or how the cufflinks turned into earrings, which eventually turned into stones on a bracelet, which eventually turned into a brooch!

History, memories, love… Jewelry really is a gift that keeps on giving, not just for the pleasure of today, but for the sentimental journey that is sure to follow!