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September Blues

Posted on October 01 2017

If you have them that means you have had a great summer!  

And nothing reminds me more of clear skies, calm seas and summerhouses like the color blue. If you were born in September your blues should turn into a celebration, as it’s your birthstone!

Everyone seems to be able to wear the color blue no matter what your skin tone. A drop earring or necklace can be worn with jeans and a tee shirt or peaking out of the collar of a shirt tucked into a suit for work.  Sapphires on bangle or bracelets gives you the perfect drop of color that blends with your other jewelry or worn alone. 

Blue in all its shades ranks as the number one color of choice –not only of jewelers, but also for artists, interior designers and for myriad of home furnishings. I have used the many incarnations of blue from cobalt to ultramarine -- and splashed my home with this versatile color from everything from pillows to plates! 

Soothing and vibrant all at the same time…

Sapphires come in a wide variety of hues and depth --making them one of my favorite stones to use in designs. The trick is to mount them in away that the light shines through, or reflects so that it captures the beauty of the stone and of the wearer!  I have been working with sapphires since I began in the business and I never tire of their possibilities.  I wear one everyday!  The center stone of my engagement ring is a sapphire!! In any light it takes on a life of its own…

So don’t be afraid of the September blues  -- it’s just the pop you need to give you that summer glow as we head into Fall!