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Stay in touch with Maria.  Her house, her table and her heart are always full.  You are among friends.  

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  • Opposites Attract

    Oct 12 2017

    I have often said to my young adult children that when they are looking for a mate, a partner, a significant other –its wise to have a l...

  • Bold Bangles

    Oct 02 2017

     I have a friend who calls the stacked bangles on her arm her wonder woman bracelets.  She tells the story that every time she accompli...

  • Hoop Dreams

    Oct 02 2017

      No I’m not talking about my fantasy of playing on an NBA team, I’m talking about something that for some raises almost as great a chal...

  • September Blues

    Oct 01 2017

    If you have them that means you have had a great summer!   And nothing reminds me more of clear skies, calm seas and summerhouses like t...

  • No Rules

    Sep 23 2017

    There are no rules, -just your own imaginative ways to create dimension to whatever you are wearing!! Today I still adhere to that ph...