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Fine Jewelry Bracelets

True style is packaged in simplicity. Maria Canale bracelets embody the gentle yet striking appearance of pure sophistication. From bold, statement pieces to elegant, subtle bangles, Maria Canale bracelets are an exquisite accessory for every wrist.

The Maria Canale collection of fine jewelry bracelets encapsulates the excitement and Joie de vivre of America’s roaring 1920s along with the modern love of minimalism. Taking inspiration from the stylish flappers of the ‘20s, the collection of fine jewelry bracelets expresses the simple joys we find in life that make it worthwhile.

The Flapper pieces radiate beauty and a sense of independence that all Maria Canale women embody. From the dainty and dazzling Emerald Flapper Double Wrap Bracelet to the mesmerizing and distinct Flapper Diamond Buckle Bracelet that makes any woman the center of the room.

For the woman that loves to incorporate earthy accents into their wardrobe, the Voyager collection has pieces that express the tender loveliness of nature. Maria Canale Voyager bracelets capture the spirit of a roaming woman with wanderlust. The Voyager Wood Blue Topaz Bangle captures the vibrant energy of the ocean matched with the soft, warm feeling of a wooden setting.

Maria Canale collections seek to capture the eternal power of nature and embed it into charming pieces of jewelry so women can carry the strength of the earth on their wrists.

The petite and enchanting Petal collection offers floral elegance paired with the enchanting presence of precious diamonds. The subtle use of petal patterns captures the feeling of a secret garden full of endearing blossoms.

For those that dream of running rivers and babbling brooks, the Drop collection of fine jewelry bracelets offers stunning blue gemstones embedded in an aqueous design mimicking droplets of rainwater. 

The Maria Canale Pyramide collection carries the decadence and structure of The Great Pyramids and makes every woman feel like the ruler of her own kingdom. The Pyramide White Agate Hinged Cuff is a bracelet fit for royalty, and Maria Canale knows every woman is royalty.

Be sure to check out the entire collection of Maria Canale's fine jewelry bracelets for more incredible, can’t-miss looks!