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Deco Fine Jewelry & Essentials

Drawing inspiration from the glories of the art deco movement, this deco and essentials fine jewelry collection reminisces in the glories of the intricacies of the patterns and designs of the art deco style. With a variety of diamond, square, rectangular, and circular pattern work, these deco fine jewelry pieces are like nothing you have ever seen before. A stunning blend of shapes and patterns, this fine jewelry collection creates a unique interpretation of jewelry in a dazzling blend of white gold, yellow gold, and diamonds with remarkable color and clarity. This collection offers a variety of pendant necklaces, statement rings, diamond rings, bangles, tennis bracelets, stud and dangle earrings that can be worn for any occasion. These deco fine jewelry pieces are sure to make a splash with any outfit they are worn with, bringing the height of art deco design to a modern and trendy look. This high end jewelry collection is made with high-quality materials and diamonds to ensure that your deco fine jewelry pieces stand the test of time with the right treatment. These stunning jewelry pieces are the perfect gift either from yourself or a loved one to celebrate a variety of occasions such as an engagement, valentine’s day, holiday, wedding day, anniversary, birthday, birth of a child, promotion, or graduation. Take the time to celebrate achievement with this sparkling deco fine jewelry collection that matches perfectly with any look or style. Whether your preference is towards yellow gold or white gold, all of Maria Canale’s stunning jewelry pieces are crafted with 18K gold with high-quality diamonds in color and clarity. Indulge in a life long piece of designer jewelry that is commemorative of the art deco era with its decadence, splendor, and intricacies.