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Drop Jewelry

Is there anything more peaceful and calming than listening to raindrops outside your window on a rainy day? Symbolizing purity, tranquility, and elegance, each of these elements is at the heart of this stunning collection. In the spirit of slowing down, you deserve to celebrate life’s most precious moments with Drop Jewelry by Maria Canale. 

Designed for the woman with style and grace, each pair of earrings in the Drop Collection is a beautiful piece of modern art framing your face. The earrings are set with brilliant-cut diamonds and each pair is dripping in 18K white or yellow gold — dripping like the rain droplets that influenced their design.

The striking combinations of onyx and moonstone against yellow gold truly sets the Drop Jewelry collection apart. The moonstone is thought to pull energy from the moon, bringing its wearer balance and well-being. Onyx is thought to bring strength, happiness, and self-confidence — and that’s exactly what you feel when you put on a pair of Drop Jewelry earrings. Plus, it’s hard not to feel amazing when you look so great.

The earrings that make up this collection are delicate, yet fierce; bold, yet understated. Each pair is designed to allow you to effortlessly transition from mid-day meetings to romantic candlelit dinners — and everything in between.

When you wear Drop Jewelry, you can take a simple outfit from basic to one that will instantly get you noticed when you walk in the room. The diamonds and gold hanging from your lobes can’t help but glisten magically under any light, just like morning dew drops on the grass under the rising sun. 

Whether you’re giving a gift to a special someone or simply treating yourself just because, Drop Jewelry is timeless and is meant to be cherished for all of time.