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From everyday essentials to extravagant statement pieces, Maria Canale's fine jewelry earrings are designed with the understanding that a stunning pair of earrings is more to a woman than just an accessory. An outstanding pair of earrings can lift your mood, make your day, and maybe even change your life.

The collection of simple fine jewelry earrings offers everyday essentials with the creative flair Maria Canale brings to every design. The Diamond “X” Stud is basic enough for everyday wear but is a unique twist on the standard stud diamond earring.

Maria Canale Barre Collection contains simply exquisite fine jewelry earrings featuring dainty rectangles of gold linked together for an alluring appearance. The Pyramide Collection of fine jewelry earrings offers a self-indulgent sense of prosperity shown in the striking Pyramide Disc Earrings or the spectacular effect of the Pyramide Graduated Earrings.

The Voyager Collection offers the same decadence as the Pyramide Collection, but the Voyager pieces encompass an earthy and rich aesthetic. The Voyager Smokey Topaz Wood Drop Earrings are a dramatic representation of the rustic beauty of nature combined with the refinement of fashion. These dark, wooden pieces highlight the close relationship between nature and jewelry and how few steps can transform a natural element into the perfect accessory.

The Wave Collection is pieces of flowing jewels set in innovative and mesmerizing designs in vibrant blues and teals. The Wave Collection was created for women that feel the ocean beckon to them, the same women that hear the siren call of the sea. The soft curves and stunning blues encapsulate the energy of a wave tenderly crashing on the shore.

The hexagonal designer earrings may be the most glamorous as they balance simple earring silhouettes with a unique and enticing shape not seen often. From studs to hoops, the hexagonal designs illuminate the precious stones creating earrings that will imprint on people as a sparkling memory.

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