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Fringe Jewelry

Sapphire is known for bringing you serenity, wisdom, and peace of mind, just like the calming effects of the deep blue depths of the sea. When you sit by the ocean, you simply can’t help but be living in beautiful harmony as you watch the waves crash from the shore.

Introducing a collection that brings you both tranquility and empowerment, Fringe Jewelry by Maria Canale was inspired by the beauty and strength of the ocean. Each striking piece is adorned with highlights of stunning sapphire that makes it truly impossible not to turn heads when you walk by.

Maria Canale created Fringe Jewelry to be soft and feminine, yet fun to wear at the same time. Both trendy and timeless, there is nothing more diverse than this collection. Each piece is designed to be lightweight enough for everyday wear, but elegant enough for a fancy dinner or cocktail party. 

The signature look of Fringe Jewelry is made up of sterling silver ball chains, complete with accents of eye-catching ocean blue sapphire gemstones. With everything from ball chain earrings to triple row chainrings, every piece of jewelry in this collection makes a bold statement. 

Give the gift of the sapphire to the one you love or treat yourself to the piece of your choice. No matter the occasion, the jewelry in this collection is meant to take on deep significance for a special celebration of love or achievement. Hold onto your Fringe Jewelry forever, as if it were beautiful treasure found at the bottom of the ocean. It is designed to be passed down from generation to generation, for that memory to last a lifetime.