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Hexagon Jewelry

The hexagon is a shape that is not commonly found in jewelry, however, the intricacy of it’s design allows it to link together to form a stunning variety of designs for jewelry. That is why Maria Canale has created a collection of hexagon jewelry devoted to the unique characteristics of the shape. The contrast between the yellow gold and the bright white of the diamonds creates a stunningly individualistic jewelry piece that is sure to draw attention to its magnificent beauty. Explore the wonders of the shapes and designs of this collection. This exquisite hexagon jewelry collection features stud earrings, bangles, dangling duster earrings, mesh necklaces, mesh bracelets, rings, and hoop earrings. Any of these pieces can be worn together or separately to heighten any look. This high end hexagon jewelry collection is made with high-quality materials and diamonds to ensure that your jewelry pieces stand the test of time with the right treatment. These stunning jewelry pieces are the perfect gift either from yourself or a loved one to celebrate a variety of occasions such as an engagement, valentine’s day, holiday, wedding day, anniversary, birthday, birth of a child, promotion, or graduation. Take the time to celebrate achievement with this sparkling hexagon jewelry collection that matches perfectly with any look or style. All of Maria Canale’s stunning hexagon jewelry pieces are crafted with 18K yellow gold and high-quality diamonds in color and clarity. Indulge in a life long piece of designer jewelry that is unique in its shape and design with this hexagon jewelry collection.