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Fine Jewelry Rings

Consistent with Maria Canale’s habit of excellence, the ring collection highlights the expertise and experience of a seasoned jeweler. Discover different but appealing crafts that you could give a try. The Sterling Fringe Double Row chain ring could efficiently work as an everyday band.

Like many beauty products from Maria Canale, the double row band features blue sapphires at the center. Whether you prefer to stack it with others or wear it alone, the dual row chainring will suffice. 

Maria has also delivered fine jewelry rings that will catch the eye. The flapper round diamond ring, for example, guarantees a quintessential diamond flexible ring. Sophisticated women often prefer the classic designs that match their occasion. Depending on your preference, you could either stack the ring with others or use it independently.

If you prefer an everyday band ring, Maria has created the emerald flapper double row chainring. An emerald baguette at the center of the dual-row band highlights Maria’s multi-talented ability and personnel. 

These fine jewelry rings offer more evidence regarding Maria’s ability. The iconic design of the eternity diamond band features diamonds all around. This classic design also has sculpted subtle curves that ooze confidence and elegance.

Maria Canale created customized ring options with the pyramid stackable while agate ring. The custom-cut white agate houses sparkling white diamonds that take the ring’s luxury a notch higher. If you have an elegant stack, you’d want to use it along with this class of white agate rings. Leverage the perfect power play if you opt to wear it alone. 

Make a fashion and luxury statement with the well-crafted pyramid statement onyx ring. In this piece, Maria chose to introduce an updated twist on a classic gold band as she redefined luxury with her fine jewelry rings. The 3-D octagon of polished onyx holds a brilliant solitaire diamond against the backdrop of a gold band.