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Fine Wood Jewelry - Voyager Collection

For those wishing to invest in more natural jewelry, fine wood jewelry would be an excellent addition to your collection. Wood symbolizes growth and strength, showcasing an intimacy between humans and nature. 

Our simple, clean designs are guaranteed to coordinate with anything in your jewelry box or closet. Wood jewelry is traditionally linked with a rustic or bohemian vibe, but our versatile designs are timeless. They transcend the limitations of “on-trend” styles that come and go. 

The gold accents in our fine wood jewelry complement other gold jewelry and even bring attention to other statement pieces. Coordinating stones are another great way to tie different pieces together to add a little joy to every day. 

Be ready to make a statement when you wear fine wood jewelry from the Voyager collection. Our wooden jewelry catches attention as it radiates with natural energy, while gold accents and jewels stand out boldly against the dark wood finishes. 

Our fine wood jewelry is lightweight and easy to wear and offers unique alternatives to consumers with sensitive skin that reacts to metals. It’s also great if you love to wear bold earrings but struggle with the weight of other designs because they feel too heavy. 

Our designs are sustainable and can last you a lifetime with proper care. On top of it, they don’t take hundreds of years to decompose like other materials. You can purchase fine wood jewelry with confidence knowing that it is better for our environment than other materials used in jewelry making.

Though wooden jewelry is often associated with fifth wedding anniversaries, it makes the perfect gift for any occasion that calls for uniqueness and brilliance.