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Wave Jewelry

Maria Canale’s wave collection typically offers value for whoever settles for this jewelry. Besides the extraordinary aesthetic value, these pieces represent intimate affection and recognition. The modern but relaxed collection is the perfect definition of luxury.

These modern classics highlight beautiful pieces set on iconic designs. The jewelry tells your story while offering thoughtful touches, complete with a homely feeling. Turn every journey into an adventure with these little luxuries that reflect your passion. 

Find unmatched beauty and refresh your spirit with beautiful and comfortable pieces of jewelry. This collection highlights the sophistication and energy of the modern Manhattan entrepreneur. The wave collection offers diverse creations that can bring out the sparkle of special occasions. You could also celebrate the simple everyday joys as you don your preferred design.  

The wave jewelry line lets Maria Canale share her vision of celebrating a life well-lived. She offers a new luxury definition that supersedes the beach house’s relaxed comfort and city-life sophistication. The wave collection has an ease about it similar to what represents true luxury in the eyes of Maria.

Maria and her artisans found inspiration from the ocean’s combination of beauty and light to craft the Wave cuff. The piece rocks sapphires with different shades of the sea, reflecting the sea’s memorable and mesmerizing splendor. 

Create lifelong memories and keep them with you forever on the medium white gold wave diamond hoop. The round diamonds come in various sizes to keep your exciting memories for a while. Maria also worked on an elegant disc ring that sparkles. This ring comes complete with white diamonds and blue sapphires that catch light from every angle.

The collection also features an adjustable pendant necklace that lets you roll brilliantly. Whether you prefer layering or wearing alone, this pendant necklace has the perfect length for your needs. The wave jewelry collection is ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, mother’s day, and Valentine’s Day.