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A Legacy of Elegance

The Maria Canale journey begins in 1921, when her grandfather Cesare Canale emigrated from Genoa, Italy to attend New York’s Columbia University and establish his family trading business in the New World. He brought beautifully tailored suits, courtly European manners, a love of Fiat sports cars, and a hand-engraved stamp with the family “C” crest.

His granddaughter Maria Canale still uses that iconic “C” today for her own brand of relaxed elegance. She continues the family tradition of summers at the beach in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, the discreet alternative to more high-profile resort destinations up the New England Coast. Her own children now sail and swim on the same beaches she loved as a child.

Maria Canale’s designs celebrate the classic American luxury of those childhood summers in Watch Hill, combined with the energy and sophistication of the modern Manhattan entrepreneur. With her characteristic warmth and flair for entertaining, her house and her heart are always full.

“I want every one of my jewels to be as beautiful as happiness, as comfortable as confidence, as personal as your signature, and as meaningful as the moment it celebrates.”

– Maria Canale