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How to #LiveBrilliantly

The birth of a beloved child. The union of two into one, forever. Decades of designing jewelry that celebrates life’s most important moments has given Maria Canale a special insight into the moments when we become our best selves. The magic of making memories to cherish. The warmth sparked when we gather together. The way style can inspire creativity.

Today, Maria designs all the little luxuries that make every moment of your life shine. Jewels for your table as well as your fingers. Travel accessories that elevate every journey into an adventure. The personal touches that define your style and make a house a home.

She speaks many design languages but her voice is always clear. An elegance of line and elimination of ornament make every piece pure, clean, feminine, timeless, and completely distinctive.


“I want my designs to inspire you to live every day as a celebration, creating beautiful memories with the people you care about.”

– Maria Canale