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The Jeweler’s Jeweler

True mastery may seem effortless but it requires decades of practice. For 25 years, top jewelry retailers from Tiffany to Mikimoto to Harry Winston have relied on Maria Canale to design some of the world’s most important jewelry. With the launch of the Maria Canale collection, her expertise is now also available to the country’s best independent jewelers. Since you understand jewelry, we know you’ll appreciate the originality of her timeless designs and the uncompromising quality and craftsmanship of every piece. But what you may not see at first glance is Maria’s deep understanding of your customers. Whether creating a cleverly engineered necklace that can be worn five ways or earrings that hang just right, she creates jewelry that is an unending pleasure to wear.


“I’ve always been the jeweler’s jeweler, working closely with retailers to make sure that their customers aren’t just satisfied but delighted.”

– Maria Canale

Maria Canale