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One-Year Warranty

All Maria Canale jewelry is guaranteed to be free from defects in craftsmanship and materials for one year. We make jewelry the way it should be made, crafted with care to last a lifetime. And actually, if you treat it well, your Maria Canale jewel will last much longer than a lifetime, even when worn and enjoyed every day.

That doesn’t mean fine jewelry is indestructible! Your warranty doesn't cover being run over by a car, being washed in the washing machine, extreme sports and other things that aren’t normal wear, so exercise some caution and restraint. Having another jeweler re-size or work on your piece also voids your warranty.

To keep your fine jewelry beautiful for the next generation, we recommend regular professional cleaning and maintenance. Prongs may need to be tightened every year or two to keep gems secure so make sure to have them checked when your piece is cleaned. If you have any questions about the quality or care of your Maria Canale jewelry, don’t hesitate to contact us at